Product Code : cnk-202

EURAMCOSAFETY 8”/ 20cm | WF20 Water Powered PPV Turbo Blower 

NSN : 4140-01-333-2224 PN:WF20

First Choice of Naval Forces Worldwide

RAMFAN Water Powered Turbo Blowers are used by NavalForces worldwide for smoke removal, ventilation and cooling during combat operations.

Water powered, intrinsically safe, The Safest and Most Powerful Portable Ventilator inthe World

No portable blower in the world compares with the smoke removal rates of the WF20 connected to ducting from 8” to 12”. Warships at general quarters require powerful suction to remove smoke from interior spaces. The WF20 suctions the smoke from the affected areas through long lengths of ducting to the outside air. At normal fire main pressures of 125 to 150psi, the WF20 makes about 4.5Hp with a 50gpm flow rate. The WF20 blower uses the water pressure energy of a fire hose and a patented turbine, coupled to a highefficiency fan blade, to generate high-velocity, highpressure airflows. The modular construction, choice of corrosion-resistant materials and simplicity assures infrequent and simple maintenance. Exhaustive testing during U.S. Navy evaluations left the WF20 as the uncontested champion of shipboard de-smoking.
* Standard for U.S. Navy, Royal Navy, French, ANZAC, Turkish, others
* Operates from the fire mains and overboard drainage
* 4.6Hp @ 150psi water pressure 
* Intrinsically safe, non-electrical
* Dual purpose: Ducted and PPV-mist cooling
* Water / Air couplings to customer specifications
* Venturi device doubles airflow
* Injects 3.5 gpm of water into airflow
* Use as PPV blower
* Intrinsically safe in hazardous conditions