Product Code : cnk-216

Deacon 770-L-P (90-550°C)

- Threat Sealant

- Applied by brush(L)

- Excellent shelf life

Description: Deacon 770 is a thermal reactive paste (P) or liquid  (L) sealing compound that is used in high temperature and high-pressure applications. In the presence of heat (200ºF+), Deacon 770 will form a mechanical (“mechanical type”) seal. Deacon 770 will not cement the flanges together, thus, it will not interfere with future repairs of metal-to-metal joints. Deacon 770 is unaffected by thermal cycling. 

Temperature Range: 200ºF to 950ºF. Customer feedback report  applications in use from 100ºF to 1300ºF + 

Recommended Applications: Deacon 770 can be used as gasket dressing to  improve the sealing capability of many gaskets. Deacon 770 can also be applied to many types of gaskets (including spiralwound) to reseal them, thereby prolonging their useful life. Deacon 770 can be used as the only sealant on low-tolerance metalto-metal joints. Deacon 770 is brushed ontothe sealing surface in a complete, uniform, thin coating. Note: Deacon 770 will flow filling small voids, and surface irregularities creating a seal between the gasket and the flange surface where most leak problems initiate. 

Typical Applications: Turbine Split Casing, Any Metal to Metal Joints, Pump  Casing, Leaking Gaskets, Boilers, Threaded Fittings, Doors, Steam Traps, Stacks, Sight Glasses, Flanges, Nuts & Bolts, Heat Exchangers, Gaskets Dressing 

Curing: The cure rate of Deacon 770-L can be enhanced by  the use of Deacon 103-P Accelerator 

Features: Ease of application. Achieves seal before full cure.  Fast, easy repairs. High-pressure tolerance, high temperature tolerance, and high chemical tolerance. Solvents, Oils, Steam, Liquors, Hydrocarbons. Creates a mechanical seal. High wear resistance. Unaffected by thermal cycling. Applications as a gasket dressing. Deacon 770 improves the sealing capability of many gasket material 

Packaging:  10.3 fl. oz. tube, pint, quart, gallon